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Welcome to Miracle Village


The content on this page is to provide the proper application and residency forms for potential Miracle Village residents. In addition to the application and residency forms, we added resources that will assist residents and their family members with senior care services that will enhance their living experience at Miracle Village.

Miracle Village Application Packet

Tenant Selection Plan

Fact Sheet HUD

Disposing of Asset Verification.pdf (PDF — 56 KB)

Applying for HUD

General Information Rules and Regulations

92006 Supplement to Application

Social Security and Supplementary Security Income Verification Form

Verification - Asset - Checking, Savings, CD, Money Market

Race and Ethnic

Notice and Consent Form 9887

M V Consent Form Disclosure of Information

Landlord Reference

Tenant Self Certification of Ability

Verification of Need For Accessible Unit

VAWA (PDF — 95 KB)

VAWA Emergency.pdf (PDF — 98 KB)
Certification of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault.pdf (PDF — 156 KB)

Caregiving Resources.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

City of Tallahassee Medical Alert Certification.pdf (PDF — 63 KB)

Leon County Special Needs Assistance Program.pdf (PDF — 13 KB)

Star Metro Transportation Assistance.pdf (PDF — 55 KB)